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    We are looking to build a project where marine ecological restoration of coastal, lake, sea or deep sea is carried out using construction 3D Printing technology. Artificial Reefs (AR), Sea Walls made of […]

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  • Group logo of Ecotourism development in remoted areas
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    Remote rural areas across Europe are facing employment shortages and declining populations. Tourism could help to address this problem, attracting travellers to the regions and helping to create businesses and […]

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  • Group logo of Unmanned Surface Vehicles for environmental protection
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    The main goal of the project is to build a network of cooperation between local authorities, ports and maritime administration, interested in using USV for autonomous surface inspections. Unmanned surface vehicles […]

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    Theoretical and practical examples for cross-sectorial and multi-level stakeholder engagement, including horizontal approaches, such as youth participation, co-design approach through labs to boost green […]

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    First responder training in various contexts, focus primarily on water-related issues, driven by VR/AR functionalities.

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  • Group logo of Green Deal for local municipalities
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    The Estonian Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) has for the last 20 years served as one of the main financiers of environmental projects in Estonia. With the support from various sources of financing (EU […]

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  • Group logo of Research and innovation strategies of R&D in emerging technologies for a sustainable future
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    Emerging technologies from research and innovation can substantially contribute to reduce negative impact of energy and environmental issues. The SDGs are for the year 2050. The technologies have to increase their […]

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  • Group logo of Regions4Future
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    Increasing the awareness of local authorities for the possibilities of AI and 5G related business models and therefore propose advice, actions and capacity building to improve their activities in strengthening […]

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  • Group logo of Baltic smart village model
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    The „Baltic smart village model” project aims to test and develop different models of a smart village in the Baltic Sea region context that will improve competitiveness and attractiveness of rural areas and cre […]

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    We would like to test or create solar devices (benches, wireless solutions…) in the city environment.

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    The area that has suffered the most recently (due to the COVID19 pandemic) is the social area. In particular, it was the young people, those not related to each other by formal or partnership relations and […]

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    Nowadays war between Russia and Ukraine strongly influences on Poland and other EU countries. Many refugees, especially women and children flooded into Poland and neighbouring countries. It will cause problems […]

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    I’m looking for partners to join a network in the Baltic Sea Region with people that work with restoration and creation of wetlands. The goal of the network is
    • To find ways to increase the pace of wetland for […]

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  • Group logo of The role of electricity in tackling climate change
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    Climate change entails increased electrification in society, industry and in the transportation sector. The electricity production in Sweden is almost completely fossil-free. As the electricity demand in Sweden is […]

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    Renewable electric power generation for vessels and nearshore infrastructure is a key part of reducing the pollution and the greenhouse gas emissions from maritime sector and reaching the EU climate objectives. […]

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