Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do here, what are my options?

Please open the Start-Page and read through the content to show yourself around.

How is my data stored and secured?

This is a member-only system. Your data is secure on our servers, not accessible to Google and other search engines. Only other platform-members – that are correctly registered, activated and logged in – can see, search and communicate. 
We’ve built a secure community but yes, it is built on trust. What we secured is that no third party from the outside can look into it.

For more information, check our privacy and GDPR statement.

I need to edit my profile; how can I do that?

Go to Profile and look for the EDIT button (above your personal information table).

How do "Project Ideas" work?

Project ideas are organised as “groups” of people.
They are as visible as you want them to be: public, private or hidden.
(for more infos on that, please check below “Are my Project Ideas public”?)
To create your own, either use left-side menu “Project Ideas” or the top bar menu to “Add Project Idea”.

  • First choose the visibility of your Project Idea.
    (for more infos on that, please check below “Are my Project Ideas public”?)
  • Use a meaningful name and a short description.
  • Now invite members who might be interested to join your group, discuss your idea and find potential partners!
  • Other members will join or request to join (depending on chosen visibility).
Are my "Project Ideas" public?

Not if you don’t want them to:
They can be public, private or hidden.

  • public – the name is shown in the overview, everyone can see the content of the group
  • private – the name is shown in the overview, the content is hidden for other members unless you accept their request to join
  • hidden – the name is not shown in the overview, only user with invitiation can see and join it. Nobody can see the contents of your group unless he/she is invited AND accepted.


How can I cooperate with others to develop my "Project Idea"?

Invite relevant members to join your group, discuss with them your project idea and share multiple documents in the file section on the left-side “Project Idea” menu.

How can I easily manage my Project Idea?

Yes. Within the Project Idea panel, you’ll find “Manage” in the menu. You can change all settings, images, requests and member management  there.

You can also manage the activities of other members in your Project Idea group: you can delete inappropriate comments or even remove members, if you don´t want them to participate anymore. 

In case you need help, you can promote a member to be moderator. A moderator can help you with deleting inappropriate comments, but cannot do major changes in the group. 

How can I manage activities and notification feeds?

If you look at the activity overview or your Project Ideas homepage, you will see a lot of notes on different activities. To see only comments, use the filter on the top left and set it to “Updates”. Done once, it will stay this way.

How can I search for partners?

The matchmaking platform makes it very easy for you to find potential project partners. You can have a look at the members overview and look at all the members. If you are searching for specific countries, interests, etc. please use the advanced search function marked in green on top of the members overview.

How can I search for Project Ideas?

The matchmaking platform makes it very easy for you to find Project Ideas to participate in. Have a look at the Project Ideas overview and look at all the ideas. You can use the possibility to filter by objectives using the tabs on the top of the page or you can use the full text search. 

How to pin a post in a Project Idea?

It might make sense to provide basic information to your Project Idea members: what is your Project Idea, what potential partner are you searching for, etc. To make sure this information does not disappear or is overlooked, you can pin a post to the top, so it does not get overlooked.


What are Project Idea Types?

With the matchmaking platform, we’ve created the environment to develop a lot of Project Ideas. To help potential partners to find your Project Idea easier, you have the possibility to choose a Project Idea Type while setting your Project Idea Group up. With this categorisation, it will become easier for user to find what they are looking for.

You cannot change the Project Idea Type afterwards. In case you choose the wrong type, please contact us using the contact form on the right.

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