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Poland – Łódzkie


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Chief Adviser of Pheno Horizon A sociologist by profession. He has many years (since 2008) experience in working for local and regional governments and local communities, gained during the preparation of strategic documents. He was the initiator and leader of many social consultation processes in the field of building the brand of a place and the development of cities, communes and regions using a variety of methods and techniques. In his youth, he was active in building a civic society, especially in the city and the voivodeship of Łódź. Today he is turning his passion into a professional job. Expert and advisor in the development of local government units with the use of spatial, economic and social potential. Expert in communication tools and consultations between various environments in the pursuit of finding and implementing good solutions. A supporter of teamwork. He loves to solve problems and look for effective solutions. He is the holder of the international project management certificate Prince II Foundation. Multiple workshop and training organizer, moderator and panellist during, for example, the European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot, the European Economic Forum in Łódź and other nationwide conferences. He is a co-author and manager of several research and development projects financed by the European Union funds and mechanisms as well as the EEA and Norway Grants are financial mechanisms financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.