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Interizon is a Polish National Key Cluster, associating 90 entities, representing 13 business sectors, employing over 25.000 people. Members include companies operating in the Electronics, Telecommunications, IT, Automation and Robotics sectors, as well as R&D institutions, education units, and business environment institutions. The companies within Interizon Cluster provide a wide offer of products and services including, electronic finished goods & components, creation and implementation of advanced IT solutions and provision of IT & telecommunication services. Interizon is a founder of Pomerania Digital Innovation Hub (one of Polish candidates for European Digital Innovation Hubs) and a coordinator of Pomerania Regional Intelligent Specialization "Interactive technologies in an information-saturated environment”. Important part of the Cluster’s activities are common R&D projects, focused on development of ICT technologies, which have the greatest industrial and commercial potential. Interizon was the administrative support of two ARTEMIS projects – ACCUS and DEWI. The ACCUS (Adaptive Cooperative Control in Urban (sub)Sytems) is an ambitious project meant to achieve a better sustainable management and to engage synergies in order to improve citizens’ quality of life. The DEWI project (Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure) focuses on the development of wireless sensor networks, communication and applications. Interizon was taking part in a H2020 INNOSUP project called “Innolabs” and COSME “New Electronics for Global Health and Wellbeing”.