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    Hello, I represent an SME company located in Lithuania, Klaipeda city working in the areas of ICT, namely the development of complex industrial monitoring and control systems, as well as virtualization tools, data transfer systems, databases, and web and app applications. As well as our team represents the Klaipeda University research team working in the areas of industrial application of ICT. We have close links with the Klaipeda city Municipality and can have their assistance if needed by the consortium. We have worked before with many production companies and therefore, can provide any means necessary to develop separate means for the solution and piloting deployments in the urban areas. As well as provide any other means necessary to develop the application upon request. We have experience working in the BSR program (finished project in 2020), and also the Horizon (TTX sub-program) in 2021. Therefore, we are fully aware of the responsibilities, work schedules, and activities necessary for large-scale projects. Feel free to ask for any assistance or questions. Thank you for your attention.