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    Hi everyone that has joined this project idea. First of all, I want to thank you for your interest and attention and second I’d like to ask for your kind support with comments, questions, or feedback.
    Only last week we started a pilot test in the metaverse with a small group of 10 people divided into 3 teams:
    a)A small team of 2 people, each with a different entrepreneurship project
    b) A larger team of 7 people with 5 with different projects and 2 partners
    c) A 1 person team that will participate only with videos from the sessions.

    The test will run for 3 months and we’ll try to see how is the interaction, cooperation and dynamic experimented by the participants as a group and as teams. Also will see which techniques work better for small or larger groups and how we can achieve effectively a collaborative learning process.
    I’ll be trying to update the progress and results every week, and if anyone has questions or any feedback please let me know, it will be very much appreciated.