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    Thanks @irmabagdoniene and @leenatoivanen for joining and if ok with you I’d like to have a small conversation with you asking what you think about the role of collaborative learning in self-development, meaning how social should the process be? (to be effective of course 🙂 ) and if I may add, how do you see that playing out in a northern EU society 😉

    • Hi Cezars and Irma! We are conducting a small pilot of metaverse lecture room and whole campus during the spring 2023 in our university. Your questions are valid and probably a good research question in a project. Project based learning has proved to be an efficient way of learning which includes group working skills. I think metaverse as a learning environment can both provide meaningful interactions and be a place of developing social skills. Remote skills in general are definitely valued globally in these times. Effective use of metaverse is also a skill that should be transferred from education to society, namely work life.

      What’s the status of your project idea at the moment? How you plan to go forward?

      • Hi Leena and thanks for your message and just to add a bit I’m also very curious to find which the communication vehicle could be in such environment, I mean each social network has its own: posts, threads, memes, short video, etc. I think will be interesting to see and understand this development and hopefully been able to take advantage of it for the transfer of knowledge.
        Now regarding the project I’m testing and validating the concept, talking with people like you and see if there’s interest and also I applied for a grant in Latvia to test a pilot for 6 months and I’ll apply as well in couple of calls to test further and start working on developing my own platform hopefully by the summer.
        If I can assist in any way to your project at the university please let me know, and in any case I’d be interested in learn how is going with that 🙂