• Andrew posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Seeking environmental specialists interested in tracing (over long period) pollution using small / MEMS like sensors

    • I am contacting you on behalf of Claret, company which has developed a system for monitoring and capturing data on emissions from internal combustion vehicles. Using the mentioned app, it will be possible to certify one’s ecological commitment through various strategies (vehicle modernisation, in-app driver awareness, reward campaign). Such an application could be of particular interest from a green perspective to all transport companies (public or private) that own a fleet of vehicles and want to communicate effectively and verifiably their commitment to reducing pollutants. The proposed solution is scalable and will have fleet management core functions right from the start, to help our business customers carry out activities such as geotracking and geofencin. In case this profile fits your needs don’t hesitate in contacting me at
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      • Hi Stefan,
        Sounds interesting. Is the app available on a non-commercial basis and have you (Claret) been involved in EU projects before?
        Kind regards

        • Hi Andrew, the app is available also on a non-commercial basis, if you are referring to research and pilot purposes, we are now looking to validate it in EU projects in order to spread it use. Unfortunately the company is Italy based but I guess if we explain the added value and the coherence with the overall eventual project proposal there will no be issues.